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Simple and easily editable template for a dynamic camera that zooms in and out based on how far apart the players are.
  • Intel recently announced that 3d cameras will be widely available for laptops. article This will make it easier for kinect-like games article.

    We are thinking about how to enable html5 games developers like construct2 developers. If the support was added to node-webkit, will you be interested in making games that use this feature? There is information about getting a camera in the article above.

    We are wondering if developers will start now, or will they wait until the cameras are actually in the hands of game players? Probably 2nd half of this year.

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  • Could we use this technique over webpages accessing such cams ? for example, the xbox 360 kinect cam ?

    If that would be the case, there would already be a wide potential audience for such techniques, and then yes, I would definately give it a try :)

  • That sounds really interesting! I am new to Construct 2, and just getting established. So, I would be more likely wait until the cameras were in the hands of consumers. But it is exciting to see what is coming in the not too distant future!

    The ideal method for integrating this into Construct 2 games (and Apps) would be a plugin (like Mouse / Touch / Keyboard / etc.)

  • IntelRobert

    Intel was sleeping for long time (i.e. SOC for mobile) and now Crosswalk... 3d camera for games... what happened? what are future plans? :)

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