[1.39] Sound broken? Help!

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  • Check out this 2 line sound test capx

    When you click on "Click Me" it should make a bang.

    The test is to click on it 3 or 4 times in a row quickly (which the game will do).

    From the console output, you can see that per tap only gives one sound event ("Bang!" is logged).

    Works on:

    1) chrome desktop (v27)

    2) safari on iphone 4 with ios 6.

    Does not work on:

    1) safari on ipad 3 (ios 5.1.1) - get first bang, long pause, the last.

    2) Chrome on Google nexus 7 Android 4.2.2 - get first bang, long pause, the last.

    3) Chrome on Galaxy III Mini (Android 4.1.2) - plays each bang, but 1-2s lag before playing each.

    The effect for ipad and nexus 7 is the same and 100% reproducible:

    1) you get the first bang, then a long pause, then the last bang (completely out of sync, and missing the middle bangs).

    I have to get a demo version for a big supplier in a few days, and without sound, I am going to fail. Any ideas appreciated.

  • I tried to run it in windows, and click getting the first bang. Then it stops with a Java error, Console undefined. Could it be you getting the same error on the devices, but it doesn't show the message?

    In other words, turn off the error check?

  • Hi Paradox, I disabled the console log, and the sound is still broken, it didn't make any difference, unfortunately.

  • Safari iOS before 6.0 effectively doesn't support audio in the browser at all. iOS 6 should work OK, and last I read was already installed on 93% of all iOS devices.

    The situation with Android isn't so good. It's not Construct 2's fault, but the Android browsers just don't really support audio right now. I don't think there's any framework or library that can work around it. Chrome for Android should be getting the Web Audio API soon, which should make everything work fine on there. The stock Android browser is total garbage though, and probably will never work - you'll just have to wait for it to be replaced by Chrome (which is steadily happening).

  • Hi Ashley, how have people been able to create any mobile HTML5 games without sound?

    I just downloaded the Beta Chrome browser for Android. Seems to work, so at least I can demo my game on ios6 and an android device.

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  • Typically the preferred option, especially for Android, is to publish using a wrapper like CocoonJS - audio should work a lot better there.

  • Ashley, is cocoonJS for creating APPs only? Or will it create a web based game which will run from a web page (i.e. no app to download through the app store?)

    The customer is in cash gaming, so apps are not an option.

  • Is there a way to detect if audio is supported? I tried using the Audio=> "Advanced Audio supported" which works EXCEPT its false for IE10, but IE10 supports audio fine for my game. So I need something like "Advanced Audio Supported" OR "BRowser = IE10" or some other hack?

  • Hmm, sounds like a bug.

    I would add a second condition to that event to also check "is mobile?" so it would exclude the IE 10..

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