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  • imothep85 , hehe, obviously you feel more comfortable than me around this kind of processes. I've seen some of the example .capxs and they are too occluded for doing even the most basic stuff. I understand that loading a model is simple enough, but this doesn't get me anywhere by it self. On the other hand, controlling the camera in a useful and dynamic way does complicate things a lot! Especially with rotations, since in 2d we only need to care about 1 axis and in 3d there are 3 axes, with gimbal locks and what have you...

    Anyway, I nagged enough already, good luck with your flares!

  • this is what im working on now, im trying to do a realistic diamond effect http://mattepainting.be/test/index.html but some effects, are hard to put in place :s

  • imothep85 , the model looks very nice and shiny! Please note that it takes some time for the geometry to load, at first the only thing I was seeing were the colored squares on the right. In fact, I was in the middle or typing this response saying that I can't see anything, when the model appeared! :b

    As a sidenote, the diamonds move like they have the Y axis inverted and, on my system, Firefox delivers terrible performance. Chrome and IE 11 however are smooth as butter!

  • yeep the problem is, the 3d ùmodel is too high in polys, so i have to reduce that more, but im really not happy with the diamonds, im trying to show " 2 sided" in the object transparency.

    normally the diamonds move in the same way as the ring in the middle, thanks for the tests

  • imothep85 , sorry, I wasn't clear, the diamonds rotate the same as the ring, the inverted Y axis that I am talking about is regarding how they move around the canvas when the mouse is moving.

    Moving the mouse right/left make the diamonds move right/left. However, moving the mouse up/down makes the diamonds move down/up, the movement is inverted.

    And if you move the mouse on the center of the ring the diamonds stay in position (which I am sure you already know about)

  • i removed the function

  • You chaps are awesome (big thanks to QuaziGNRLnose and eli0s). As a direct result of this thread I am inspired to do something I promised I would avoid at all costs (due lack of aptitude) - open up Npp and do some code writing!

  • Colludium , I'm glad to read these lines. I assure you, there isn't anyone less competent than me regarding coding -an analogy would be mixing water with oil!

    I feel confident that you'll be able to succeed your inspirations!

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  • Can I use shader examples from http://glslsandbox.com/ for example?

    Is this the same langauage?

    I have tried to use but none did work.

  • Is it possible to pass anything other than float in effect parameters? I need big integer numbers.

    I tried double and uint, but it didn't work..

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