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  • So some of you might of heard of the Fisheye lens. It is a lens for cameras that make everything look round. It was made to see things you won't be able to see in normal images. Or at least that's what I think it was made for.

    I've been IN LOVE with the fisheye effect ever since I found out about Sonic Xtreme, a cancelled Sonic The Hedgehog game. Sonic Xtreme had a fisheye effect as seen here:

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    Ever since Sonic Xtreme was cancelled, game developers tried to recreate Sonic Xtreme. One example would be Project AXSX, a remake of Sonic Xtreme:

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    People had to make their own fisheye effect to recreate Sonic Xtreme. Some people were able to make it in other game-making programs such as Game Maker: Studio.

    I want to make my own Sonic Xtreme fan game but I don't have any idea how to make a fisheye effect for the game I am currently working on.

    So I am asking for someone to some how make a fisheye effect for Construct 2. Now the following is a list of what should the fisheye effect for Construct 2 should be like.

    ---How it would work---

    You should be able to add a fisheye effect to a specific layer. That way you are able to have only parts of the game have the fisheye effect.

    You should be able to set the type of fisheye lens. For example, set it to Stereographic, Equidistant, or a Orthographic fisheye.

    So if anyone's up for the task, please let me know. I have a thing for fisheyes... wait... fish... eye....


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  • Why did not you check 2 effects Bulge and Sphere are already have in c2?

  • Oh. I must be the stupidest person on the planet. I wish I could delete this post

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