[EFFECT] - GS #5 Planet Generator

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  • thegodo actually that depends on you quality, because a planet rotating could use only 16 frames <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz" /> here is a trick in gimp youtube.com/watch

  • kingpirux

    I've seen that trick before. Problem is:

    1- (as you said) quality doesn't reach level I am looking for

    2- a planet that orbit at a realistic velocity needs so much more than 16 frames. If you set the animation speed to a low framerate, you'll only be able to see a lagged planet jumping from a frame to next one. With only 16 o even 50 frames, you should set the frame rate at high values for not to obtain a bad animation.

    If you think about any kind of good solution, please, let me know

  • very nice effect. Too bad we can not customize it (move, size, precise position)

  • thegodo the only think i can think right now, is a trick with layers, one layer have the effect of "clouds" and those clouds moving in one direction endless (like a runner), and this layer with a fusion effect that only shows up in the planets, so it will create the illusion of the planet rotating (actually moving), to increase that effect add the sphere effect and you should have something... :I idnt know i just invented, guess have to try it...

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  • So, is it possible by now to actually use this to generate positioned/scaled planets? If not, does anyone know other ways to achieve this?

  • Bump, interested as well

    Tampering with the .fx file and getting closer to make this a proper shader

    Ok, got the centering working! Going to try making it transparent now

  • Most aweeeeeeeeeeeesome!! Thanks

  • There's a sphere map fx from Gigatron that can rotate the texture around. It's in the "[EFFECT]- webglSphere+Glsl version " thread.

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