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  • Gradient Map

    http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=724 ... 1666677795 <- URGENT UPDATE. SEE BELOW POST FOR INFO

    Works like Gradient Map in Adobe Photoshop ( http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m66m4yiOs91roapsd.jpg) - it's only a six-flag gradient, because the UI gets exponentially longer the more flags there are. No limitations of this one, except one: the flag positions must be in ascending order, otherwise the out-of-order flags will be ignored.

    The parameters are numbered, so it's easier to know which parameter is which in the Event Sheet.

    Source - specifies the source of the colors to be remaped - 0 is the sprite itself, 1 are the pixels under it.

    Intensity - a uniform blend between original colors and remapped colors.

    FlagX R, FlagX G, FlagX B - color values for the given flag.

    FlagX Position - position of the flag. 0 is far left, 100 is far right. Flag0 is on the far left and Flag5 is on far right. Remember, flags 1 to 4 must be in ascending order otherwise the out-of-order flags will be ignored.


  • Update 24/07:

    Do re-download the effect. The only change is that the effect parameters do not start with a number anymore. Apparently, if a parameter name starts with a number, Construct will read the .capx with the effect as "corrupted"...

    If you have saved a .capx with the older version of the effect and Construct refuses to open it, do the following:

    • Leave the error message open
    • Rename the .capx to .zip
    • Open the .zip
    • Find the file referenced by the error message
    • Open it in Notepad or your XML editor of choice
    • Go the the line referenced by the error message - you'll find that these are the effect parameters' names.
    • Change the names, removing the number, fullstop and space at the beginning. ex. "1. "
    • Re-save the layout file, rename the .zip back to .capx - it will open properly now.

    Apologies for this - as far as I can see on the forums/help files, the parameter name issue is not documented anywhere...

    The numbers are now in the parameter description - their purpose is to let the user know which property has which parameter number - for control via events.

  • Thanks for the fish, I'll report back.

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  • Any chance you (or anyone reading this, if you have the effect) can re-upload this somewhere?

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