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  • matriax

    here is for you .. with rooftop ...


    Look carefully params and events and invisible block for collision ..etc

  • matriax

    here is for you .. with rooftop ...


    Look carefully params and events and invisible block for collision ..etc

    Thanks! Now i understand how the shader works much better after some tests <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy"> .

    I can create a sprite called Building, this sprite is a collision & Z-Face(Rooftop). Using the cointainer option creates 2 sprites = One with X-Face and other with Y-Faces. And in theory with only one sprite(The collision-rooftop) i can set in every position and on start layout all will be set, in theory! No? <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz"> .

    This will be using 3 different sprites, but wonder if with only one sprite i can do something in events to get differrent frames of the sprite and for each one set the X/Y face automatically, mmm...

    One suggestion, Now we have Z,X,Y faces. Z for Top, X for Left-Right and Y for Up-Down. Will be possible setup all the faces? I mean, Now you can set X-Faces, that shows the left and right face the same sprite. Is possible add the variables for all the faces? = Up/Left/Right/Up/Down ? .


    Other thing, after play with the Cubeface demo, i realized that the cube of bricks and how looks is perfect for a Wolfeinstein/Doom game. I played with all the variables and the Angle is like a zoom.

    So, maybe i'm missing something, but with this, is not possible do a Wolf/Doom game? Or for that we will need any other variable? :O

  • If you set X,Y,Z face to 0 and All face parameter to 1 you can see all face of cube...

    A little knowledge about 3d perspective projection X,Y,Z ... you can build 3d like world ..( wolfenstein)..

    You can use 2.5d platformer or 3d Cube fx, this last can just use 1 same picture for all faces..

    So ... X Y and (Z is the deep of the 3d world ) ... however collision must be adapted...

    Finally with some test and a bit work you can make nice pseudo 3d like game...

    Good luck ....

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  • Ok, so A Doom game can be done, interesting!, i will work with that this weekend <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy"> .

    About faces i guess i'm not explained well.

    With 3D cube FX i can set 1 image to all the cube faces. With 25dplatformer, i can set 3 different images. 1 for Z faces, 1 for X-Faces and one for Y faces. Like shows in the CubeFace demo: http://gigatron3k.free.fr/html5/C2/3d8/ the 3 different faces are the Question mark, the yellow face and the brick.

    To be more clear, if i want to do a 3D dice, i can't because only can set the numbers 1,2 & 3, and i will need to map all the faces for the six numbers/faces.

    What i'm saying is get the variables to map the six faces of the cube with different images. Can you add it?

  • I'm blocked now because i can't figure how do the near/far effect.

    I put various sprites together for a long wall, and i tried the near/far effect with the zoom factor, width/height, sprite scale, etc... and always they overlaps when are near and separated when they are far. I don't know what variable i'm missing or events to get all the tiles near/far at the same distance between them.

    Any tip?

  • matriax

    you must use scale funtion of C2 with Z.... mean distance and perspective..

    look this example with starfield.... put cube in place of stars...

  • Thanks, I see, when are near/far not only the scale changes, also the imagepoint/positiont(X,Y) changes to avoid that problem. All the thing is more complicated than i thought in a first moment.

    Also I discovered that in Construct Classic had some real 3D cube plugin that manage all this thing more easily, wonder if there is anyway to port to C2.

    I will give a try to the cube-stars and if again get blocket will test the Q3D plugin to see how hard is.

  • yes

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