white screen when using cord and webview + in ludei

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  • Description of the problem [/ b]

    ____ When compiling with cocoonjs (canvas +) in ludei he run the app on android normally. When compiling with cord (cord and webview +) in ludei it runs the app and appears white screen in android.


    Description Capx [/ b]

    ____ This capx file and a platform game with 749 events, 35.3 mb and 186 mb memory use ____

    Steps to Reproduce Bug [/ b]

    1-export cordova in construct 2

    2-compiles the ludei with webviwe +

    3-runs on android

    Observed Results [/ b]

    ____ ____ white screen when using cord and webview + in ludei

    affected browsers [/ b]

    Chrome: (NOT)

    FireFox: (NOT)

    Internet Explorer: (NOT)

    Operating System and Service Pack [/ b]

    ____ Windows 8 and service pack ____

    Building 2 Version ID [/ b]

    ____ Release 227 64 bits____


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  • Please test r228 as per the bug report guidelines, particularly since we made a relevant change in that release. Also as per the bug report guidelines we require a .capx to be provided, and the guidelines describe why it's our mutual interest for you to not send your full project.

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