on touched X,go to layout xx

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  • Link to .capx file (required!):[qiuqiu.capx]


    Steps to reproduce:

    1. open a new ?new mobile project?

    2. add a new layout named layout 2

    3. add a picture A,add event ?touch?on touched A???system?system go to layout 2?

    Observed result:

    when A was touched ,it didn't work at once?probably,10 touched,1 touch work?

    Expected result:

    when A was touched,it should go to layout 2

    Browsers affected:[Chrome]

    Chrome: yes

    Firefox: yes

    Internet Explorer: yes/no

    Operating system & service pack:[Operating system]

    Construct 2 version:[155]

    Notes,i had tried several times?

    *after the step 3,i added the keyboard,?keyboard,Right arrow is down???system,system go to layout 2??this worked accurately?when ?right arrow?was pressed,it goes to layout 2 at once?

    *i tried some other touch event,it works accurately but this one?on touched X,go to layout xx?

    is this a bug ?

  • oh,just now,i found the problem maybe on the picture ?

    i made some word text-picture with PS ,such as ?start??when my mouse touched the ?a?of?start?,it goes to layout 2;when the mouse touched the part beside?a?,it's hard to go to layout 2?

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  • Have you also checked that the bounding box is the whole image, and not just around the A ?

  • Maybe this is the point?it worked when i changed the picture? <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Yes, the issue is with the bounding box, closing as not a bug.

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