Sprites displaying incorrect animations?

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  • The image displayed in the editor is the correct image for the frame, however when viewed in game or in the image editor, it shows a different frame.

    Click the image to download the stripped down CapX, the bug still present with all 3rd party plugins, sounds, events , levels etc. removed.

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  • It looks the same in the editor and in the game here. It looks like the second example (the game screenshot). Did you try just closing and reopening Construct 2? That might help align the editor images with what the game is showing (not sure why they'd ever be out of sync though)

  • On the in-editor canvas, the frame was showing correctly, very odd. Deleting everything , re-importing the sprite strip and applying the collision mesh/origin seemed to work.

    Did it display the sloped one when you opened it?

    The only thing I can think that I did, was to perhaps confuse it with two versions of the same game, with identically named sprites etc, then close one, if it keeps a cache somewhere maybe it was referencing the sprite frames in a different order, as in one version I'd added new frames/reordered the frames.

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