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  • no, in first post example i set > on layout start> play sound, the sound is a like 10 seconds of stuttering sound (for me) are you using vista64?

    to me its the only connection i can make with the problem, "zeus" is also on vista64 and has same problem

  • Tokinsom, it happens with all examples included with Construct 2.

    Ashley, if you would like me to send you a small 10 second video of the problem then please ask. I`m really not sure what is causing this but I assume that there will be other users who get the same problem.

  • Zeus - we're using the new Web Audio API in Chrome which no other tools are doing yet. Chrome tends to crash and have memory leaks with HTML5 audio, and HTML5 audio has extremely limited features, so we switched to the new (and much better if this bug didn't happen) Web Audio API. Chrome's Web Audio API has this bug so it's in the browser, and that explains why other tools don't have the bug (they don't use it yet), but there's still nothing we can do about it. Usually they have quick fixes though, Chrome gets updated every 6 weeks ish, so hopefully it won't be around for long and will just get fixed.

    We can't really go back to HTML5 audio or Chrome will start crashing and leaking memory again :-\</p>

  • That`s fine Ashley, thanks for the update. I`m happy to wait until Chrome gets updated, I just wanted to point it out. Now that I understand what`s going on behind the scenes I can see why it is happening.

  • I know this post is rather old, but I just wanted to point out that I have the same problem. Sound works flawlessly in Firefox, but inexplicably stutters in Chrome (which is pretty annoying, since graphically it's the exact opposite, where Chrome has a much better FPS than Firefox). I'm also on a Windows XP SP3 32-bit machine. At any rate, it's good to know that it's not a problem with my project but has something to do with Chrome.

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  • the only solution i found is to import everything as music, ive not been using sound lately but sad to know its still an issue

  • Not sure if your issue is related to what mine was doing, but by adding trigger once while true will keep the ( on touch ) or ( is touching object ) from playing more then one time. also adding it to events where system check veritable's such as loops it will only trigger once while true.

  • I fixed it,

    so my issue was that I had keep hearing noise and jittering when playing sounds in the preview on all browsers, it was fixed by adding another condition to play sound which is trigger once while true.

    Hope this helps


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