[Solved] Browser does not appear to support HTML5

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  • This is really odd, I'm stumped. I'll look in to it and see if I can find out any more information.

  • One more thing, I've just test that on my brothers pc - win 7 64.

    He's using firefox (only blank screen) but when i tried to run it on default IE (IE9 beta version) it runs without problems!

    I've tried on IE9 32, IE9 64 even reinstall java.

  • I've been having this exact problem with IE9 on the WP7 Mango Beta. Here's to hoping it gets sorted out quickly.

  • Ah, I think I've solved it (thanks to StackOverflow yet again!). The page is being rendered by IE9 in compatibility mode, which means "pretend to be an old browser", which means "pretend you don't have canvas". There's loads of factors to whether or not compatibility mode kicks in, but you can force it to use the correct mode with a HTML tag. Fixed in next build.

  • That's a great news Ashley!

    yeah i just added manualy

    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" />

    right after title and it works perfectly fine!

    All right then, we can call this solved.

  • That's the one, it's in the default HTML for the next build! That'll fix it for anyone having problems right now, though.

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  • Why everybody hates IE? cause it's microsoft?! or what?

    I'm using it since was added to windows (and had acces to internet)and never had any problems with it. Opera, chrome, firefox why? they are faster? allows you to open hundreds of pages at same time?

    They break standards (other browsers do too, but IE more so than the others), include new standards that are practically useless rather than following working standards, and up until now it was incredibly slow. I will withdraw this opinion on the new versions though, Microsoft are really cleaning their act up.

    EDIT: Sorry, didn't realise how many pages there were.

  • Not to mention how hilarious insecure IE6 was. Hell it's still used by 11% of the web.

  • The best thing Microsoft ever did is it's .NET framework and C# , hands down.

  • And Windows ME!


  • :D Heheh

  • Hello all,

    Well, I uploaded my tiny little game to drop box just a bit ago and was able to view in Firefox but not IE9. The little bar beneath the HTML5 logo loaded in blue to about 98% and then nothing! This was with the Construct2 generated index.html (no modifications but IE wouldn't run the one I changed my background color on either!). I was able to view fine offline before uploading. No problems with Firefox at all, (except with music).

    If this is a problem with using dropbox, who else do you recommend for uploading Construct games to for testing and sharing?

    Such a major disappointment that music is a troublesome matter and to learn that there are perhaps some browser issues too, bummer! *Sigh*

  • MeJustMe, are you aware you're posting in the Closed Bugs forum? You probably want to make a new thread in a different section... (when you do post, please include a link to your game online so we can check it out ourselves!)

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