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  • You can't add a comment by hitting Q while you have a global variable selected

    Also, when you right click an event, it doesn't show some of the shortcuts, such as add event, invert, delete, etc

  • Fixed the issue with pressing Q. However not sure what you mean by the second point. All the shortcuts are right there, including delete and add event...

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  • <img src="" border="0" />

    It doesn't show for Delete, Toggle Disabled, Insert Below, Above and Make Or Block. Right-clicking the action also doesn't show some.

    Btw, shouldn't Cut be ctrl+X?

  • also you can move thru global and local vars with the arrows but cant hit Enter to edit them

  • One other thing I would like to add; I should be possible to transfer global variables from one event sheet to another.

  • I think a bit less strict about how it checks things in general would be great. Maybe a toggle for expert mode? So you can move things around and not have to worry about half an event sheet gettin deleted cause the variable moved

  • 7Soul : If you cut a global variable from an event sheet, it will indeed delete the events where the variable was used.

    But you paste it in the destination event sheet in the same project, all the events come right back.

    aridale : There is a "code checker" going in the background as you are making your events. It is to ensure that the program (your game) will execute safely no matter what you coded (from a low-level perspective, the one that C2 obfuscate from you to let you focus on your game's logic instead on technical aspects of rendering, etc...).

    Removing this "feature" is not a good idea. It would probably end in more bug reports and confusion for new users.

    Just be logical and plan a bit ahead the order of your events and all should go well.

  • But you paste it in the destination event sheet in the same project, all the events come right back.

    Really? I didn't know that, thx

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