[R77] Physic Bug

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  • Probably down to the fact that your using SCROLL TO behaviour on a sprite with different size frames..using Physics....

  • what ever...

    ...its only me, so just ignore!

  • what ever...

    ...its only me, so just ignore!

    You might have a valid issue here, I didn't know about the issue with regards the collision polygons?


    "Apparently there's an issue with using different animations frames with the physic object. For now it only uses the collision polygon of the first animation frame"

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  • Kyatric's original reply explains this issue perfectly. Physics engines do not support "set position" or "set angle". If you do this instead of using the forces and impulses like the Physics Basics tutorial recommends, you force Construct 2 to teleport the object in the physics world, because the physics engine does not support what you just did. So each 'Set Y' to move it 2 pixels up is just teleporting the object in to the other object repeatedly, and the physics engine manages to play along for a bit then loses the plot because it's not designed to be used like that. We cannot fix this, it is a fundamental limitation in physics engines. Instead as the tutorial says you have to make the same movement by forces, torque and impulses, which works properly in the "physics world".

    Closing as won't fix. I will separately investigate the animation frames issue reported by Kyatric.

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