[r64] reboot c2 to export sound (sometimes)

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  • Don't really know how to make a capx out of this problem.

    During the c2 contest, I added sound at the end of the process and when I tried the export, no sound played.

    As there didn't seem to be bug report about that, I thought I did something wrong (audio format, tag use, etc), but didn't find anything.

    Then I closed c2.. reopened it... exported... oh! it works!

    I report this bug because it happened again from but it's not that often.

    c2: r64 64bits

    system: windows server 2008 r2

    browser: firefox 7.0.1

  • Were the audio files in the exported directory?

    Browsers have fairly poor audio support at the moment - many crash or have cut-outs. I think it might have been a problem with the browser.

  • Good question Ashley, next time the bug happens I will check that and bump this topic with the answer (:

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  • It must be browser problem.In my project

    in editor:

    Chrome - sound sometimes doesn't work

    IE 64bit - always work


    Chrome - always work

    IE 64bit - always work

    uploaded (competition entries)

    Chrome (another computer) - sometimes doesn't work

    Chrome Portable (another computer) - sometimes doesn't work even crashes

    IE (another computer) 32bit - sometimes doesn't work

    after updating Chrome to version 15, everything seems to work fine, so far

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