[R59] Bluescreen on exiting 2nd C2 instance

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  • I have been having an issue where my laptop will bluescreen when exiting a second instance of C2.

    Here is what happens:

    1. I start C2, then open a project (.capx or .caproj).

    2. I right-click the C2 icon and start a second instance of C2, then open a different project (again, either .capx or .caproj).

    3. I close the second instance.

    4. Bluescreen of Fun!

    I can reproduce this 9 times out of 10.

    I guess my first question is: should I even be opening a new instance, or should I be opening the second project in the first instance?

    I realize a bluescreen can be caused by any number of things, and is probably outside the scope of what you can troubleshoot. I just thought it might be helpful in case there is something in C2 causing an issue.

    I have compiled a number of files into a 7-Zip file: dl.dropbox.com/u/38038537/Bluescreen.7z

    Description of Files

    • Bluescreen.png: Blurry picture of the bluescreen (sorry for the poor quality).
    • BluescreenAdditionalInformation.pdf: Additional bluescreen information presented by Windows after reboot.
    • LaptopSetup.pdf: Information about my laptop hardware, OS, and software.
    • WER-77423-0.sysdata.xml: System config dump file generated by Windows after bluescreen.

    I have tested this with and without McAfee running. I am running the most current video drivers for my laptop.

    I can obviously work around this by not opening a second instance of C2. It is just more convenient to alt-tab between windows when copying objects or events.


    <font color=red>Update</font>

    Apparently, I was running the latest video drivers from HP, but not the latest AMD ATI drivers. So I downloaded the latest version (11.9).

    After I installing the drivers, when I try to load or start a new project, C2 will just hang for about 30 seconds, the screen will go black, then return, and the Catalyst Monitor says it had to reset the video card. :-< C2 remains hung.

    I've scanned the entire C: drive using Malwarebytes and McAfee, but no infected files were found.

    There is something critically wrong with my laptop, so I will be re-installing it tomorrow. It seems the bluescreen issue is related to the video card or drivers being hosed, so I will test this all tomorrow after i re-install.

    Sometimes I really dislike computers.


  • Usually software like Construct 2 can't cause a blue screen of death - it usually means something system-level like drivers have failed. So I'm afraid it sounds like a problem with your laptop :(

    I was going to suggest updating your drivers - but maybe you got the wrong one? That could cause more issues.

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  • Before I re-installed my laptop, I decided to give the video drivers one more go. I removed all AMD ATI drivers, rebooted, and let Windows install its own drivers.

    Everything is back to normal now. I'm not sure what happened before. My biggest concern was that it would only blue screen when I used C2, so I assumed C2 was accessing a driver or something that was causing the issue.


  • Good to hear it's all sorted! It must have been the OpenGL driver - C2 uses OpenGL to draw the layout view.

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