[r171] Tizen template out of date (id and package missing)

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  • Problem Description

    Hi, I'm building some WGT these days using Tizen SDK and I noticed C2 was generating config.xml with missing informations the SDK complains about.


    <tizen:application id="1234567890.YourAppName" package="1234567890" required_version="2.2"/>[/code:29zx428n]
    source: [url=https://developer.tizen.org/fr/downloads/sample-web-applications/load-web-app-tizen-sdk/sample-config.xml-file?langredirect=1]Tizen Web Application config.xml file[/url]
    (Also on a side note, it would be nice if we had a list of  template [[keywords]] we could use if we want to tweak them ourselves... 
    And also... maybe... some way to  select custom template on export, since (I think) modification of the default ones are overwritten when we update C2....)
    [b]Construct 2 Version ID[/b]
  • I tried this the other day and it works fine. Like the tutorial says you need to press save in the IDE and it auto-updates config.xml. Does that fix it for you?

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  • Ashley

    Ah! indeed "clean" shows the error and if you "save", tizen will generate a new ID and fill the properties for you.

    For a first version it's ok, but the problem is that when you want to update the game you put in the store, you will need the same package ID.

    Otherwise the store system doesn't allows you to upload the binary.

    You'll have to either copy/paste the ID back into the config.xml or delete/create the app you uploaded on the store.

    I think construct2 should generate this ID. Maybe by simply hashing the project ID or just use java type package if possible.

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