r168 Ejecta - Xcode - Orientation Bug

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  • Launch Screen freezes when Device Orientation is selected in Xcode. I'm using the Ejecta wrapper for my game. Game runs fine when no Device Orientation is selected and plays in Portrait mode (except I use scale outer and it requires landscape mode).

    There's a thread in the "How to" forum about this, but I can't find anything referring to this in this forum.

    I'm using:

    Ejecta (Latest Build)

    Construct 2 r168,

    OS X 10.9.3

    Xcode 5.1.1

  • According to Ejecta documentation:

    To change the desired screen orientation of your App (portrait or landscape), go to the Resources/Info.plist file and select the appropriate orientation for the Initial interface orientation from the drop down menu.

    Do not check any of the Supported Interface Orientations buttons in the project settings; leave them all unselected. There's a bug in iOS6 that prevents this from working correctly.

    Also in Info.plist be sure to change the Bundle identifier setting to something that represents you or your company.

  • Joannesalfa

    Thank you. That took care of the issue. Maybe Ashley can add that to the Ejecta Tutorial? I just looked over the Overview documentation on the Ejecta website. It's very brief. Did I miss anything or is that the only problem with Xcode?

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  • I've updated the Ejecta tutorial. Closing as not a bug in C2.

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