[r105] Failed to convert to OGG

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  • i am just going to warn you i discovered problems with pcm 16-bit wave files that didnt convert successfully with r114. sound effects wouldn't work in chrome but music did which doesnt make sense (adding .occ files didnt solve the problem). the solution i had was exporting adobe audition cs6 files with stereo 11025 hz which makes it compatible with converting and the chrome browser. it seems to solve all audio related problems i was having.

    thanks for info devin3627

    Maybe Ashley should test it

  • i am saying the smallest .wav file i could go was 16-bit 11025 stereo without the construct conversion failing and causing the chrome audio issue. everything only went well if the initial conversion was success. i suggest not making .m4a or .ogg individually, because if the construct 2's pcm .wav conversion was a success, you know will have no audio problems there on out.

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  • I used the tool directly and it converted my .wav file into OGG. I used the tool in the application and it converted it to .m4a.

  • was having the same problem with 227. tried exporting my wav files to mp3 and back to wav and no luck. thankfully I just downloaded 233 and then it simply worked.

  • fremachuca

    As it says in the sticky, please don't post in a closed bug report, especially since the last post was well over a year ago.

  • zenox98 well, I only posted because the same bug was happening to me........ and if it's still happening 1 year later, using recent versions of construct, maybe this report shouldn't have been closed.

  • As of today, this bug still persists. I'm having the same issue with the most recent update.

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