Problem with sound in Safari ios6

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  • Hi! I have capx that run on Google Chrome without problem but if I try to run the same project on ipad2 in Safari ios 6 I got problems - after 10-12 iterations my loop is stopped to work because sound stops to work and tag for end of the sound does not trigger events.

    I have pretty big project with pic and sound around 22M on server (53 on the disk) , I deleted code that is not important for that bug. So pay attention only code for "layout1" and layout "word". Programs should run by itself but do not forget in the beginning click a few times by screen(to activate sound)   . Why at different point of loop sound stop to work?

    My capx is here

    Update: I deleted all ogg files from folder and after that it started to work correctly! But it means I need provide two version of the game?

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  • Closing, please see how to report bugs, specifically:

    e cannot help with large projects... these can take hours and hours to investigate, often with the conclusion it was simply a mistake in the events... re-create the bug in a minimal new project.

    The most likely cause is due to a mistake in your events you are playing some audio every tick (60 times a second) which will very quickly jam up the audio engine. Desktop computers have more memory than mobile ones, so it might just be lasting longer than the iPad before it jams up (or it has enough memory to actually play that much audio). Posting a new project made from scratch is the quickest way to prove it's a C2 issue and not a mistake in your events.

    Please note always to include clear steps on how to reproduce the issue as well, because I am not familiar with how your project works or what I'm supposed to do in it.

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