Offical IAP plugin. Consumables not getting "Consumed" &....

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  • you could use the PayPal plugin to avoid the IAP issues. there is one commercial one that allows you to use your paypal merchant buttons, and not sure what you say about consumables? you mean in game consumables? you could sell 1 item in your merchant account, that in game will trigger a replenishment of a consumable(e.g buy item 100xbullets, when bought in game will give u 100 bullets, but you need to do the events for it, there is no plugin that will do that for you, you have to have knowledge of How API's works and paypal plugins. )

    Hi there, not sure what you saying. But there are Plugins that handles in-App Purchases seemlessly. One such is provided by I am using his plugin in my Android version and it works perfectly. I can buy Coins, XP Points and Non-Consumable products like "Remove Ads".

    You can try my game, link is in the Signature below.

    Unfortunately, the official C2 Plugin does not allow you to "consume" products yet. So if you buy a pack of Coins using this plugin, then the product gets locked and you can never buy it with your linked account again! Thats why it needs to be "consumed"

  • How about cranberrygame IAP? Does ir work?

  • How about cranberrygame IAP? Does ir work?

    Yes it works perfectly! Yu can purchase Consumable and Durables without any issue.

    Unfortunately it only supports Google Play and Apple Store. I need similar feature on Windows Store too. I have request cranberrygame to add support for Windows 8.1 too. Lets see if he can do it in time, then we don't have to depend on the Official IAP plugin anymore.

    Strange when IAP (apart from Ads) is the only way we Devs can make some money and its key features are not supported by "Official" Construct2 Plugins!

    I am forced to maintain multiple versions of the same game

  • Any news?

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  • Ashley, please! We need consumables in IAP!

  • Ashley, please! We need consumables in IAP!

    Ashley, yes we really need a IAP plugin that can handle "Consumables". I hope its added to the new "Feature request" for next build

  • Ashley and Kyatric I am going to add my voice to the masses and also ask for IAP to be able to handle consumables. It's a basic feature that I believe should have been there from the beginning. It's been months since people asked for it. Would be great if you could update us on this issue.

    thank you for your understanding guys

  • volkiller730 Could you please give me a detailed description on how you made it work in cranberry IAP? Thanks.

  • Hi,

    The official IAP plugin does not work properly. When I open a project in Intel XDK it gives a number of errors.

    Finally I made it work, but only for Android by entering this plugin:


    The biggest problem is that it works neither for iOS nor for Windows Phone 8.1

    I bought the Cranberry plugins but that doesen't work either.

    It's very important that this Works because there are applications that people have invested a lot of time, money, effort and dedication. There are applications that use servers in the cloud to save data. There are games that work designers, programmers. Apart from buying the license of Construct 2 which is excellent software.

    Therefore it is not good that after so much effort we don't even sell the applications or consumables.

    I think Scirra is not giving the IAP plugin the attention it deserves and I have not seen any clear solution.

  • I think Scirra is not giving the IAP plugin the attention it deserves and I have not seen any clear solution.

    I been asking for support for VERY long time, even before there was even hint of C3, now scirra is conveniently telling they are working on new C3 and washing off hands from supporting old official plugins! Working with third party ugin makers is a nightmare of its own. There very reason I m not sure of upgrading to C3 as I have no confidence IAP and Ad plugins will go through same issues or not

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