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    When a missing plugin prevents from opening a capx, a window displays the name of the plugin.

    Unfortunetaly, behaviors still have the "old error" window about a problem in the ID of the behaviors.

    Could it be possible in a next build to have the same "name_of_behavior is missing" feature ?

    And to help with the lazyness, what about having a link to the plugins section in this window.

    We know the plugin/behaviors should be available in the section.

    And there's a maintained list of available plugins/behaviors.

  • Are you sure? I tested the 'missing plugins' notification with behaviors as well and it worked. The thing is it only works with files saved in the release that message was introduced or newer, because it adds extra info to the project file indicating the used plugins and behaviors. In projects from older builds that information is missing so the old error appears. Maybe you're opening an old project?

  • Indeed, I was opening an old project, but also I encountered this on support, trying to open a project someone had posted.

    Guess this person's project/C2 isn't up to date.

    Indeed, with "recent" versions capx, it does give infos/name, etc...

    My bad, sorry for the inconvenience.

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  • No worries, it's difficult to tell sometimes.

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