?2 is not closing

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  • If c2 is open for extended period / or if lots of work has been down in small period, it gets sluggish, it either crashes - very irritating. Or, if you close it which seems to speed it up again if it is sluggish, it crashes, won't close etc.

    I think this is great software, it is just very unstable at the moment.

    I hope they find the gremlin soon.

  • Does anyone know if this is being looked into? It seems quite few people have this issue, including myself, and it's becoming increasingly frustrating the more I work with C2.

  • Ahh yeh this happens to me too- sometimes.

  • It has been looked into, apparently traced down to libraries used by Construct. But not much more can be done until someone can get it to repeat, or discover and actual cause. Which no one has been able to do.

    McKack has an interesting theory to watch for...

    edit: Oh yeah, if you want the locked program to go ahead and crash, hit Alt F4. it saves the time of opening the task manager. Alt f4 only crashes it when it's locked up on closing.

  • I get this problem a lot, but I don't really care. Nothing that a CTRL+ALT+DELETE won't fix. However I heard that if you clean up the registries; this action will reduce C2 from not closing problem.

  • I get this a lot too; got it on W7 and still get it on W8. I get the 'C2 has stopped working' almost every time I close it.

    I'd like to agree with DUTOIT as well; if I have a project open for a while then it gets so sluggish and slow and becomes unusable, so I have to restart. This is particularly noticeable when selecting values from other game objects, and even worse when objects are in sub-folders. My new PC is ridiculously over-powered, so it's not an issue with specs

  • Yes, same problem here, win7 64bit

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  • Closing since there have been no further reports since r152. Let me know if this is still an issue.

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