Memory Leak on Windows Phone (universal export)

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  • Ill run it again when I get home tonight.

  • Ill run it again when I get home tonight.

    I'd appreciate that. Thank you.

  • Knock knock... anybody home?

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  • I'm going to bump this daily until I get a reply.

  • Can't reproduce: using the Windows Phone Developer Power Tools it sits at 167-172mb usage steadily even as I watch it for several minutes. The way garbage collected languages like JS work is they gradually increase memory then free it in chunks, and I observe this in the memory use pattern: it gradually increases to ~172mb or so, then drops back down to ~168mb. The snapshot you sent me on Twitter (note: it's more useful to keep it in the bug report itself) only indicates 179mb usage, which is only a little above what I've observed. If you want to send a more useful snapshot, export again with "minify script" off, since the minify option has made the majority of the snapshot unreadable.

    Closing as can't reproduce; I also think that if it reproduces on no other platforms at all, then even if there is a leak it would be in the Windows Phone 8.1 code, not in C2's code (otherwise it would show up on other platforms). If you still think there is a problem I'd recommend taking it up with Microsoft.

  • Funny... I never sent you anything on twitter. I attached the screenshots of the memory leak directly to this bug report. I have no idea what you are referring to. Furthermore, the screenshots attached to this ticket clearly show the memory leak. Not to mention, the screenshots (and the issue) was observed without minify script enabled.

    I may be willing to accept that it is with Windows Phone 8.1 code, as it is after all still in beta, but the fact that you are talking about things I am completely unaware of (such as sending you minified code on Twitter) leads me to believe that you are either mistaken, or are responding to a completely wrong ticket.

    I would truly appreciate if you could test with one of the tutorial files I mentioned, and send me your javascript memory test to prove that this is not a bug. Because as of right now, I have no confidence in what you are telling me.


  • We have encountered memory leak as well.

    Steps to reproduce: (Warning: Do not install the power tools if you don't want to end up resetting your phone version to be able to test your game)

    Install Visual studio developer power tools support to the device and after that every scene change will just grow the memory usage, never release it. We have done the same two times with the same result. After we reset the phone back to normal version without power tools support, memory starts to behave much better. This might be reason why examples behave differently and also it seems that problem is not coming from Construct2. When power tools are installed to the phone, we cannot test our game, because eventually it always ends up eating all the memory quite soon after the start of the game.

    Good thing is that with visual studio performance and diagnostic tool it does not need power tools to be installed to see how memory behaves in the phone. This is something we just noticed and have not yet contacted Microsoft about it. When we have little more time, we will do that, but if someone has spare time and good contacts, it would be nice to introduce the problem to Microsoft as well.

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