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  • I Just re-downloaded construct 2 and there is this error I keep getting before I can even start to make anything. I was following the Tutorial on how to create a basic game and when I start a new project I click on to add a tiled background and I get this error... Please open a new layout before editing an object's texture.

    Now when I click on the layout page its the same as any other page that I am already on. If I click the event page and then click the layout page to open it. Nothing changes. When I leave the start page up there and click on the layout page its the same as the start page. Its as if the layout page doesn't open at all or anything and if I add more they are the same.

    I would enter all the other info except nothing is there.. I haven't even started. I am following the tutorial.. step by step and this is what happens after the first step on how to add a tiled background.

    Thanks in advance. =D

  • Can you post the exact steps to reproduce this from a new project after opening Construct 2?

    Also, are your graphics card drivers up to date?

  • Graphics drivers are up to date.

    This is from the tutorial. It happens even though I deleted it and re-downloaded it.

    click the file button. Create project.

    The first thing we want is a repeating background tile. The Tiled Background object can do this for us. First, here's your background texture - right click it and save it to your computer somewhere.

    Now, double click a space in the layout to insert a new object. (Later, if it's full, you can also right-click and select Insert new object.) Once the Insert new object dialog appears, double click the Tiled Background object to insert it.

    A crosshair will appear for you to indicate where to place the object. Click somewhere near the middle of the layout.

    Error happens here. As soon as I double click this pops up.

    Please open a new layout before editing an object's texture.

  • I can't reproduce this; it works fine, and I've never heard anyone else who's ever done the beginner's guide having this problem either. Can you show with a sequence of screenshots exactly what you're doing?

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  • Ok I start the program.

    They look the same except for the slider bar on the side.

    And the same goes for the start up page and layout page they are the same as you see in the first few screenshots. Not sure if that is supposed to change but, either way they don't.

  • Hmm something went wrong there.

    Let me try this again. =D

  • Ok I start the program.

  • The forums wont let me post more then one link..=/

  • Ok I am trying to do my best here to show you the video is a little crazy looking from the rending software but, if you watch it will show you everything.

  • Definitely looks like the graphics drivers are screwing up the display. By coincidence I've made a tweak to the next build to try and resolve some other driver issues - let me know how the next release goes, it could be better for you as well.

  • Yeah the video rendering was horrible but, I couldn't get it not to be 2gigs so the program I used had it doing 3 moves at time or something. =p But, I will check back.

    Thank You

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