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    I get an error every single time I preview my game on any browser (I tried with Firefox, Chrome and IE). The problem it's in all the browser but I can only try the game on Firefox (not Chrome or IE). The message alert says this:

    "JavaScript error!

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read propert 'fetchProducts' or undefined localhost/ATPinApps_plugin.js, line 154 (col 30)

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  • Nando6

    You need to fully adhere to the Bug Reporting Requirements or the bug report will be automatically closed by Ashley. The reasons for this are explained in the referenced article..

    Please amend your post to include all the information the requirements ask for.

  • Closing, please see the bug report guidelines.

    Also "ATPinApps_plugin.js" sounds like it comes from a third party plugin - if so you'd need to report the problem to the plugin developer, not us.

  • This issue comes from the Cocoon Inapp plugin. Those plugins doesn't work in the browser preview.

    So add "Is Canvas+" condition ever then when you use any Cocoon Plugin functions.

    You can find the Is Canvas+ condition in the CocoonCanvasPlus plugin.



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