Issues with OnMoved and OnStopped

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  • Hello,

    I'm having issues with OnMoved and OnStopped.

    My game don't need them, because I want use transitional animations between walking, running, stopping, etc, but after the release where it was implemented, my game stopped to work properly, and now, when I start to walk, it don't change the animation, same for stopping, where I have a animation between walking and standing.

    Them problem is improved when it was reproduced for all my other poses, they are:

    * Running;

    * Being jumping;

    * Jumping;

    * Falling;

    * Reaching the ground;

    * Double Jumping;

    * Bending down;

    * Standing bending;

    * Bending up;

    * Crawling;

    * Sliding the wall;

    * Sliding the ground;

    * Climbing an edge;

    All of them stopped to work after the patch, because the old method "player is moving" and "(invert) player is moving".

    I'm not an expert in coding, but this is not being simple, but been more complicated than I can handle.

    By the way, I'll make 3 new objects, each one with a pack of poses, one when the player being bending, one for standing and walking in normal way, another for jumping, etc, unfortunately, because it's not the way I did before, where my code was extremely organized, with many smart options to change things easy, not it'll be shared with many objects and pinned, hidden, etc... =(

  • You don't have to use the animation triggers 'On moved' and 'On stopped' - they're optional, to make life a little easier for simple animations. You can just go back to the old way of doing it, which is probably better suited to more complicated animation systems like the one you've described anyway. Those animation triggers will be firing without taking in to account more subtle states like crouching or sliding.

  • Ashley, I'll give one more shot, even if the last time it didn't was successful.

    If it don't work, I can send you the source file for analyse?

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  • TELLES0808 isn't the solution to just not use the animation triggers in the platform behavior and use your events?

    I'm afraid I can't offer useful advice on projects unless you reproduce problems/bugs in new empty projects.

  • Ashley, you're right.

    I started a new whole project, organized all the frames and animations and transitions again, and now it's working flawless without any trigger.

    Thanks you.


    Fresh sandbox:


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