iOS Safari sound loss

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  • Can't reproduce on Safari iOS 9 on an iPad Air 2. I tried pressing the home button and tapping the Safari icon as soon as possible afterwards, sometimes so soon the audio did not appear to stop in between, and it always resumed correctly. I did it many times repeatedly as fast as possible, worked fine every time.

    Very strange. Maybe You tried not enough times to reproduce

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  • I did look in to this and could not find anything wrong. If you want further investigation please try to find a more reliable way to reproduce the problem, or more clearly describe the exact steps and timing (perhaps a video would help), and file a new bug since this report is now closed.

    Ashley hi, problem is there, very apparent and very easy to reproduce. Happens on every iOS device i touch.

    Just try for some minutes and you will see.

    Out the game, into the game, out the game, into the game...

    If You really can't reproduce it. i will film it sometime then...


  • Ashley here You go the video of poblem: ... mFpUEJJVWs


  • Sorry, videos are not normally any help in fixing bugs. Please see the bug report guidelines.

  • Sorry, videos are not normally any help in fixing bugs. Please see the bug report guidelines.

    Hi Ashley,

    Your this answer contradicts to Your previous answer in this topic, in which You stated that video would help.

    Anyway, i've provided enough detailed info about the bug for You to fix (if it's possible. It could be Apple's problem of course too) and this is a pretty large bug.

    It's too obvious that videos do help in fixing bugs:))

    If You are focusing on making Construct2 as best as it can be, You should jump out of Your this funny pedantic comfort zone.

    Peace and wish You best

  • Oh right, sorry, getting confused with juggling several old reports.

  • Oh right, sorry, getting confused with juggling several old reports.

    Cool!:) Thanks

  • i test the capx and had the same problem with an iphone6, Ashley, how many users you need to notice that your ipad is useless for testing? like for real, there are so many audio bugs post on safari with the new devices but it works perfect on your ipad2, cant believe you wont buy an iphone just for testing...

  • I still can't reproduce this. This time I tested on an iPhone 5S running iOS 10.1.1. It resumed fine every time. I found that if you press Home then Safari again really quickly, the audio doesn't stop at all, it seems like that doesn't count as actually leaving Safari. If you press home then wait for the audio to stop, then it seems to actually have suspended Safari and then resumes if you tap Safari again. Sometimes it takes a moment and the screen is blank until it resumes. Even if I press Home again while the screen is blank and it's waiting to resume, and keep going back and forth like that switching when it's trying to resume, I hear a tiny clip of audio as it presumably resumes and immediately pauses again. If I leave it showing Safari, it always comes back and resumes playing the audio.

    I'm using the .capx in the original post and preview-over-wifi if that makes a difference.

    I've tested both an iPad and an iPhone now and I honestly can't reproduce any kind of problem at all. As long as this is the case there is nothing I can do. Perhaps you would have more luck if you file a bug directly with Apple about this at Even if I could reproduce the problem, given it works on other browsers, it seems likely it's an iOS/Safari bug anyway - in which case reporting it directly is just what I'd have done myself.

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