failed to create font or default arial font

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  • failed to create font or default arial font.

    this message appears 5 times when i load a game project and

    have no arial font installed.

    maybe an option to set it to default system font ?

    afaik: tahoma

    or dunno if courier can be removed.

    thought i should at least mention it. games are loading normaly

    after you clicked through, no big deal.

  • I didn't know some systems didn't have Arial installed. What OS and language are you using? If it works OK after loading anyway, maybe I can just remove that message.

  • BTW I can't seem to find that error message anywhere in the source code, are you sure it said exactly that? Was it a messagebox or a balloontip?

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  • its a messagebox:


    Construct 2 Check failure


    Check failure! This is probably a bug:

    Failed to create font or default Arial font

    Condition: <unavailable>

    File: <unavailable>

    Line: -1

    Function: assert2

    Build: release 51 (32-bit) checked

    Component: Plugin 'Text' in HTML5 exporter

    (Last Win32 error: 2)


    reduced the fontfolder manually some time ago to speed up booting.

    but if arial font is included in all os and you have to first delete them to get this error it seems pretty custom

    tried it again:

    the message appears 5 times even when theres only one text

    object in the layout. dont know if there are people who have the skill

    to delete the arial font and then dont remember it. so just in case hehe

    about the source:

    strange to read that, because it says construct 2 check failure in the header. maybe some included library ?

  • I'm going to mark this one closed, because I don't think there's much we can do if you go removing the default font from your computer!

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