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  • I spend a lot of time to figure out what was the problem with my code. I have 5 event sheets included in 1 event, it's ok so far, until I discovered that, moving events by changing order, the two peaks at the top work while the other three do not.

    Is that a bug? Is there a limit of many events can be included?

  • It won't be a bug, share the capx via link and someone can resolve the issue.

  • I don't know how to post a capx, but i've uploaded it on drive.



  • Seems perfectly fine to me, the HUD works, the debug commands work and the player mechanics work. What is broken for you?

  • If you move the included event sheets, the three on the bottom doesn't work for me. Before the comments i used groups instead, thinking that was the problem. I'm going crazy...

  • I'm not quite understanding what you mean by move the included event sheets, do you mean adjust the order of them as they are listed? That doesn't have any effect. Everything seems to be working for me. Please detail what you are expecting to happen in the game and what isn't happening for you because I can see no problem.

  • Indeed, when change order of event sheets, only the first two on the top works. An example, when i move the event sheet "enemies_meteor" putting it below the second event sheet added, just don'work, the meteors never get destroyed, don't flash in white and the family variables doesn't change at all. Now i'm tring to create a new project and start again coping all the codes and see what happen.

  • That issue is caused by the bullet being destroyed in player mechanics event sheet. If that event sheet is first then the bullet is destroyed before it can detect damage in the meteor event sheet.

  • Really? I thogth the events works simultaneously. But there is another issues for the enemy ships, the same thing happen. So the problem is that? That's weird. I'm lost now

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  • No they run from top to bottom in C2 so I wouldn't split out logic across event sheets. You should keep similar logic in one event sheet as a standard. There is no need to split the bullet logic between event sheets for example. The issue with the enemy ships occurs within the same event sheet where you destroy the ship on bullet hit then try and calculate the health later on. Just keep in mind that events run top to bottom even though they seem to run at the same time because it is so fast (every tick).

  • Closing as not a bug.

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