A couple r103 bugs

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  • I've isolated these issues for you.


    1. "Time" variable doesn't properly sync to a global variable

           Note: Doesn't work in updated chrome, ff, or ie9, but malfunctions a little differently in each one.

    2. Shortcut "g" key (for grouping events) only works sometimes when there is a note between events. Please test several variations in this .capx

    Everything has notes so it should be very easy to follow.

    Using updated win7 64, updated AMD Catalyst drivers, C2 r103, radeon 5770 1gb ddr5

    i hope this helps!

  • 1. Not a bug - Construct 2 uses high resolution timers where available (which would have microsecond precision), and by default only runs at 60 FPS (every 16 ms), which means you cannot rely on the timer ever reading an exact value. This is not an issue with C2, it's just a general game design point you have to deal with when using any technology.

    2. I don't understand this problem. What is the 'g' key? Please be sure to clearly report exactly how to reproduce the problem, what you observe happen, and what you expected to happen instead. Be sure to also remove any events not relevant to the problem. It would be useful to create separate .capx files for each individual problem you want to report.

  • 1. Thank you Ashley, I invested the issue on these forums before I posted here, and I have read that other users have successfully used global variables to identify specific points of time. My project was unable to do this, and after reproducing it in the .capx above, I believed that I had discovered a bug, since I believed others had claimed to have done precisely what I did in the past successfully. I'll seek assistance in better understanding how to have system time and global variables interact.

    2. As noted in my first post, the "g" key is a shortcut for creating groups, when more than one event is selected. However, when you have notes between your events, the "g" key shortcut works sometimes, and not other times. This was a less significant bug, but something that didn't work properly, and so I thought I'd let you know. It is my belief that the .capx I provided is sufficient in demonstrating this. I thought that my explanation above would effectively explain the issue, especially when coupled with the notes of my .capx. This small bug (or not) doesn't rely on events be active, it is simply a small bug (or not) in the event editor.

    Thank you again for the clarification to my first point, and I apologize for not being as clear as I thought I was with the "g" issue. I'm only trying to help.

  • 2. I think you're having a false idea about how groups are created.

    They are similar to events in the event sheet, so pressing "g" creates a new group and then you have to drag/drop events to make them sub events of the group.

    Selecting the events prior to pressing g is not supposed to "group" them automatically.

    The fact of selecting events is there just to "position" the group in the event sheet on creation of it.

    It is indeed true that if you select a comment (the appropriate name of "notes" is comment) and press "g" then no group is created.

    Might be indeed a bit of a bug/unexpected behavior in the editor.

    But once again, selecting several events at once is no use in the creation of the group.

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  • Oh wow, you are correct. This is a photoshop feature. That is embarrassing. I'm sorry, I use several programs every day, and am constantly learning new ones. Evidently, sometimes I become confused between them.

    Thanks for your explanation Kyatric, this was certainly my mistake.

    ...and, since the subject was brought up above...do you know how I can make a global variable mimic the system time (to the 0.1 second, or something very similar, would be necessary in my case)?

    Or, if there is a way to reset the system time, that would be fine as well. Thank you again!

  • You have to use dt (delta time and framerate independence tutorial).

    Add dt to global variable each tick, you should have a precise time in milliseconds.

    example capx

  • That's really awesome thanks so much for your help Kyatric!

  • Thinking again about the issue of selecting several events and making a group expected as "grouping" them, this might be a cool feature to add (if no engine-rewriting is needed).

    I guess it could integrate well in the workflow and be kind of intuitive.

    You select a bunch of events/comments, press g or right-click to create a group and the selected events would automatically be indented as sub-events of the newly created group, right at the spot where the events were.

    Ashley, one more daunting item for the todo-list ?

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