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  • My game has totally steady performance when I try it from a server, from dropbox and directly from C2.

    But when I upload the same game to Chrome Web Store - it has some kind of framerate drop every 4-15 seconds. Just a very short 0.5 second drop where the game stutters totally. It's extremely anoying.

    The problem is the same on any computer I have tried.

    Ashley - if you provide me with a email, I can send you links to both the Chrome Web Store upload and to the one on my homepage.

    My game is going out on Wednesday, so I really hope we can resolve this bug. The bug must lie somewhere in the difference between the HTML5 export and the Chrome Web Store export. Because the HTML5 works perfect.

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  • Are you sure the HTML5 version does not also do the same thing? Chrome Web Store apps are almost identical to simply viewing the web page in Chrome. I don't believe it actually does much different to the ordinary Chrome browser once in the store. Also, since all our javascript code is identical both in HTML5 and on the Chrome Web Store, it may be an issue with Chrome - I don't know what we could change given our code is identical in both places.

  • The bug is only present when executed as an app through the Chrome Web Store. All my testers can confirm this - and would like to show you.

    I have a huge amount of time and money invested in this - so I would be most helpful to find the source of this problem.

    And because there is no working auto update feature with C2 on Chrome Web Store - you cannot release a game with bugs, when you have no change to correct them.

  • I don't think either of these things are specific to Construct 2, they are more to do with how the Chrome Web Store works. Have you tried contacting Google about it?

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