Changing Layout will create objects on the next layout

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  • I still don't understand why the engine still allows those triggers to be run when they should be stopped though?

    Go to layout

    Go to layout (by name)

    Switch to another layout in the project. Note that global variables keep their current value - they are not reset. To reset them use the system action Reset global variables.

    FWIW, in the manual it is also not described to work that way. (stopping triggers from firing)

    I would stuff those triggers in a group which get disabled before the change layout action, and enabled on start of the next layout.

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  • To play devil's advocate, they aren't described to work in the other way, either. (firing the triggers from the old layout onto the new layout)

    If I had to choose the more logical outcome (stopping triggers from firing vs firing the triggers in random locations on a new layout) I'd choose the former.

    There's two possible fixes, really.

    1) Add a 'remove' feature and set it so changing layouts removes instead of destroys.

    or 2) Destroy everything BEFORE the switch to the new layout instead of at the same exact time.

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