C2 Editor Style Problem

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  • Re-Posted here from General forum as requested ASHLEY.

    This isn't a bug with the C2 Engine, but a glitch in the Styles for the Editor, hence no capx.

    Just wanted to let you know that Office 2013 styles do not retain the style for the tabs.

    This is how the tabs appear when the style is loaded using View\Themes\Style options:


    This is how the tabs appear when you restart C2:


    So you have to reselect the style every time you start C2 so that the Tabs are consistent with the style.

    And on a side note the status bar is always Blue, it would be nice if it would match the selected style. For example, as a suggestion when using the Office 2013 Dark Gray style the status bar should match the Window Title area.

    Just a minor thing but would love to see it fixed.

    Just in case it makes a difference this issue is with R191, on windows 10 preview. Don't know if it was present on 8.1, I was using a different style before.

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  • Just an update to confirm this issue is also present on Windows 8.1 using R192....

  • This should be more-or-less fixed in the next build, but for some reason the size of the text in the tabs still changes after a restart. Otherwise, they look the same. I can't figure out why this is, it seems the UI library forgets the tab style itself Still, closing as fixed since I think that's as good as I can get it.

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