103 bug (103.2 too) disapearing sprites.

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  • I also wanted to point out, when I say they disappear, they are actually just invisible, not gone. So if a monster spawns, I can't see it but its there. If I run into where it is, I take damage, and it does what its supposed to do, just its graphic is gone.

  • supergodjesus - your project uses the third party Clay.io plugin. Can you remove it and repost the .capx so we can verify third party plugins are not the cause? Also, can you give me some guidance about when the problem occurs in the .capx and the steps to reproduce it, if it does not occur immediately?

    Any information about whether the problem occurs in a range of different browsers, and with WebGL enabled or disabled, would be helpful. Please also watch out for any browser console error messages and be sure to report those too.

  • Oops, my apologies, I forgot I had that in there. Here is the reposted capx:


    Though, I had this issue before I put the clay.io plugin in as well (which was after the upgrade to 103).

    As for guidance as to when the problem occurs... Well, that is very difficult to say. I have had it happen almost immediately (I would be moving along and I would start taking damage, so I shoot the empty space and viola, it was actually an invisible monster), and other times it doesn't happen until later into the game. I wish I could be more specific, but it just pops up randomly.

    All of my occurrances have been in Google Chrome as I do not have I.E. or Firefox to test. Hopefully someone else can add some additional information. I do believe WebGL is enabled, and there are no console errors that I have seen.

  • supergodjesus - can you try installing Firefox and IE9, and try changing the WebGL setting to off, to get more information about whether or not these settings affect the bug?

  • The game runs horribly in Internet Explorer - super laggy, so I will have to do some tweaking to figure out if the bug happens there. Yet to try Fire Fox.

    However, I did notice something else. While just standing and waiting for zombies to come to me, once in awhile if I shot one and it died, all of the zombies on screen would disappear. Not just turn invisible, but actually just vanish like they were removed from the game. I've been able to reproduce this multiple times, though there is no 100% consistent way to do so.

  • Played around some more. Not sure if this is related at all or not, but this is the first time an error has pretty much ever popped up for this project:

    Javascript error!

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'GetPosition' of


    localhost/Physics_behavior.js, line 12478

  • I think I'm having the same problem, but it only occurs in the exported version of my game. My Objects suddenly become invisible, but they are still there. The really frustrating problem is that is works fine when I preview the layout.

  • Okay, my disappearing object problem seems to be related to the minifier. I'll try to isolate it in a small capx for you.

  • supergodjesus - that error was reported in a different bug report and is fixed for the next build. It's to do with spawning or creating objects after a 'wait' action. Maybe that's what the affected projects are doing?

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  • Ashley, now that you mention it; all my disappearing sprites are created in game.

  • Sargas - the bug would have only affected sprites created or spawned after a 'wait' action. Is that what you were doing? Creating or spawning sprites in a normal event without using the 'wait' action should still be working fine.

  • Just to go with what Sargas mentions, all of the disappearing sprites and invisible sprites are all ones created in the game, not present from the beginning. So that would be why is seems to only effect the spawning monsters (not sure if it effects other spawning items, I have yet to notice this).

    Though not all of the instances of spawning come after wait times. I am actually not entirely sure what event I have that spawns anything after a wait period. Most of my spawn events are just spawning a creature every random number of seconds. As I mentioned, I never seen that error before or since that one time.

    Most of the times when I see monsters disappear or turn invisible, they come from the spawn events as mentioned above. Sometimes when I kill a monster or deploy a landmine or pick up an item (or any action that 'destroys' something) *all* spawned monsters instantly are 'destroyed'. I mentioned earlier that this can be reproduced somewhat easy, though not reliably, by letting multiple monsters wander onto screen and just shoot them. It seems to not work as much when there are a lot of monsters for some reason, but still, its random.

    And this happens in both the exported version and the non-exported version straight from the editor.

  • I think the best thing to do is wait for r104, which has a number of bug fixes which might be behind all this. We'll see if it's fixed, changed or the same then.

  • I made this video of my game


    At 5:20 you can see the first sprite disappear.

    Then again at 5:33.

    At 6:05 you can see an enemy get invisible when colliding with the floor.

    Another one at 6:40

    I died there, but the enemy at the end throws some objects that get invisible almost as soon as they are created.

  • I just tried out the latest Beta version, and the bug is still there and behaves just as before.

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