OR block bug

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  • If it is a bug, both must fail. The only difference is the SOL. And the SOL works as advertized in the manual.

    Also, the second event works, as proven.

    It is, in my opinon, virtual impossable to program c2 in a way that picking from the previous SOL behaves as an or.

    There is therefor ofcours also no OR exception in the manual when the manual explains the way that pick events work.

    Its, on the other hand, possible to add an extra condition to the system dat behaves like the existing 'compare 2 values'. And that could be 'compare if objectx overlaps objecty'. Without, just like the existing 'compares' altering the SOL. Can be done for collisions to.

    But, if that comes to c2, i surely hope someone else will explain the differende between a 'compare if objectx overlaps objecty' and a 'on overlap between objectx overlaps objecty"

  • I think the issue is specifically with the "mouse is over object" condition's picking when in an OR block, and the touch "is touching object" works similarly. I've fixed them for the next build so all three cases in the OP work.

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