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  • When trying to preview in Firefox 7, get the following:

    Assertion failure: Error separating convex polygons for physics collision polygon (1)

    Stack trace:

    assert2(false,"Error separating convex polygons for physics collision polygon (1)")@http://localhost:50000/preview_prelude.js:12

    ([object Array])@http://localhost:50000/Physics_behavior.js:625

    ([object Array],168849)@http://localhost:50000/Physics_behavior.js:519



    ([object Array],[object Object],true)@http://localhost:50000/preview.js:840





    ([object HTMLCanvasElement])@http://localhost:50000/preview.js:93


    ((function (a, b) {return new e.fn.init(a, b, h);}))@http://localhost:50000/preview.html:84

    ([object HTMLDocument],[object Array])@http://localhost:50000/jquery-1.6.3.min.js:2


    ([object Event])@http://localhost:50000/jquery-1.6.3.min.js:2

    Also, Firebug shows and error in Physics_behaviour.js:

    htv is undefined at line 635.

    .capx is HERE

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  • I get a similar error now. It says Assertion Failure: Physics polygon separation resulted in no polys. I have no idea what it is. I have narrowed it down to one object on the screen that does this.

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