Animation Frame RANDOM BUG in Editor 195

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  • Animation Frame RANDOM BUG in Editor 195

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    Several times a weird bug that there appears duplicate frames in some of the animations just out of nowhere and one time in a other capx it was mirroring 1 out of the 15 frames while it was not flipped by me and every time when I place that tile it was in mirror (with 6 animations the same frame number did it (they where 6 tile sets from my level editor)), I had to delete it and reload the tile set and after that everything went back to normal without doing any other changes in code or whatever.

    I had a bug (sometimes frame nr 2 did not got a collision randomly ) in my game and have searching for hours in my code and nothing wrong, so I open the image editor and check the frames and again there are 2 duplicate frames, deleted it and game works fine (the weird thing is that the duplicated frames was a copy of frame 2 and was set at frame nr 7 and have no clue how they came there at all)

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    don't know how to reproduce it and cant send a full game, I try to explain,

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

      1- import frames from tile strip 2- move frames, delete frames load new frames etc. in a time period of few weeks when game progress 3- everything is fine, write code for several days. 4- get weird bugs 5- check your animation frame sets and when your lucky you see duplicates, when your not lucky its one or more of the frames that can spoil your collisions etc. but they look just as if there is nothing wrong with your animation at all. To solve it, delete all frames from animation to be 100% save or delete just the ones you know its them. Observed Result ____ What happens? ____ see top Expected Result ____ What do you expect to happen? ____ see top Affected Browsers
        C2 Editor Operating System and Service Pack ____ Your operating system and service pack ____ Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit service pack 1 Intel i7 CPU 920 2.67 12GB Ram Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 v340.52 Construct 2 Version ID 195 ____ Exact version ID of Construct 2 you're using ____
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  • Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines. There is very little we can do without steps to reproduce.

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