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  • Dear Construct Team,

    i have big problem as i just preload two small sound effects 1 sec length,

    and wait them to complete by check allpreloadcompleted, it works good on desktop, but it never complete when testing on mobile,

    any support please ?

    Best Regards,


  • There are a vast array of mobile devices, browsers and platforms out there. Can you provide more information about what you are doing specifically, and provide a .capx with steps to reproduce the problem?

  • Hi Ashley,

    thanks for replying, i made a simple capx file, added two SFX 1 second each,

    i made a small object created every 0.6 and drop down to the ground, on collision with the ground, it should play SFX, i put the SFX under Sounds folder,

    and exported the project to HTML5, then uploaded to my website server, when preview it on my galaxy SII mobile, sound has a lags,

    i tried to preload sounds as i read in Audio section, still have the problem, i made one layout for preload and another one for play the game, and made it transfere automatically from the first layout to the second layout when all preloads complete, i surperized when i found it never complete on the mobile browser (Galaxy SII) , but on desktop is working good.

    i tried many diffrent combination like preload in same layout of the game, put the SFX under sounds or music folder. still has same problem.

    thats all, so any help ?

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  • engahmedfawzy - mobile devices typically have very poor audio support in their browsers. We just use standard compliant HTML5 audio in the Android browser, so it's an Android bug if it doesn't support detecting audio finished loading. In the mean time I'd recommend publishing to Android via CocoonJS which has good audio support - have you tried that?

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