Add a new "Request Method" parameter to ajax

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  • Problem Description

    to communicate with my Apache CouchDB server from construct 2 i changed: :

    C:\Program Files\Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins\ajax\runtime.js line 210 to:

    			if (method_ === "PUT" && data_)[/code:738pqry0]
    C:\Program Files\Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins\ajax\runtime.js line 278 to:
    [code:738pqry0]		this.doRequest(tag_, url_, "PUT", data_);[/code:738pqry0]
    [b]Steps to Reproduce Bug[/b]
        [li] Start Apache CouchDB
        [/li][li] change configuration to enable cross-origin resource sharing: 
        [/li][li] Open the attached project and try to create a new db.[/li][/ul]
    [b]Observed Result[/b]
    The Ajax object headers are sent with Request Method = POST and no way to change it to PUT , DELETE , HEAD or COPY....
    [b]Expected Result[/b]
    allow header Request Method customization in Post to Url Action.
    [b]Affected Browsers[/b]
        [li] Chrome: (YES)
        [/li][li] FireFox: (YES)
        [/li][li] Internet Explorer: (YES)[/li][/ul]
    [b]Operating System and Service Pack[/b]
    Microsoft Windows 7 SP 1 x64 French
    [b]Construct 2 Version ID[/b]
    Stable Release 168 (64-bit) Free edition
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  • More of a feature request than a bug report, but added for the next build.

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