9-patches create errors in editor view

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  • Ashley

    Triple post yeah, but I don't want to edit my last posts, I want you to get notified when I do my testings... This is right now, at work, yet another computer with a little GeForce GTX 550 Ti on 368.81 (common, it has nothing to do with that)


    This one is even better, it shows in some sort, why it bugs. See how they work and just by scrolling they don't anymore? Don't you feel like somehow the thing gets out of the viewport and is turned off? So please, consider this bug as it should... Or we teamviewer, I take control of your laptop and I show you how it bugs on your own computer

  • We've had similar issues reported over the years, and time and time and time and time again, they are graphics driver bugs. They are by far the #1 cause of crashes and visual glitches in C2. Driver bugs can happen in the latest available versions and can be effectively random in how they occur.

    It is not reasonable or practical for us to fix driver issues, so there is nothing much we can do about this.

    There is a small chance it could be a bug in C2 itself, but it renders correctly for me, which makes it seem very unlikely. If the bug was in C2 itself I should be able to see it.

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  • I tested it and also got this problem. I noticed that this only happens if:

    1. You have "preview effects" option on

    2. Depending on the zoom, your objects are at the bottom of the editor

    3. If you try removing the "SetColor" effect found in "PlayerFont" and "LimelightFont", the problem still persists

    4. If you delete the "Select number of players" text on the top, the problem stops completely (so weird)


    That being said, I also tried it on my IntelHD5500 and it works perfectly, so I can assume it's a Nvidia driver issue.

  • Ashley Well, I have this issue since the day I bought the C2 license, about a year ago and even before on the free version, same for Wert. Crazy that this driver bug only affects 9-patches and that in the 50 driver versions nVidia released over the year none actually fixed a display bug. But logical also, because nVidia doesn't know about C2, and this bug only targets C2 and the very specific 9-patch object........


    Yep, turning the preview effect to "no" actually resolves the problem for some reason, nice find!

  • I'm certain there's a bug in the editor that is related to rendering, however I'm not entirely sure of the cause. When it does happen, there's usually a lot of different objects on the screen, and while they sometimes 'disappear' completely, other times they appear in the wrong place as if they had the wrong vertex transform (sometimes even with 3D rotations!). Like the others, if I disable effect previewing, it stops happening. Whatever the cause, I'm fairly certain that a vertex transform is involved.

    Maybe you could make a special editor build that rebuilds the vertex transform matrix from scratch before rendering each object, and we can see if the bug stops? This is obviously impractical as a permanent solution for performance reasons, but for diagnosing the issue, it could be useful.

    Edit: if I move all objects with effects to their own layer, the problem stops completely. It seems objects with effects don't like rendering after 9-patches, but keeping them on separate layers makes it a non-issue. But, if this happens, EVERYTHING after them disappears (or moves to someplace odd), even on separate layers.

    Edit: Objects with tint effects have this bad interaction with 9-patches, but objects with brightness or swirl effects do not appear to.

    Edit: I created this capx to show the minimum requirements for the bug. I think I've also identified the last requirement. If you just open this file, you might not notice anything odd. But, if you were to add a ton of objects, then the problem will start. Alternatively, if you simultaneously open another project that has a lot of objects, this will also trigger it. So, if you can't replicate the issue, try opening as many large projects as you can.

    Edit: The plot thickens! I was going to try and use 3D Ripper DX to see if I could get more info. But, it only appears to work with 32-bit applications (and only DirectX, C2 is OpenGL ). So, I installed the 32-bit version of Construct 2, and the problem stopped. This bug has a ridiculous list of requirements. Lets see:

    1. Must use Construct 64-bit.

    2. Must have effect previews enabled.

    3. Must have a 9-patch in your layout.

    4. Must have another object in the same layer as the 9-patch, and rendering after it (above in z-order) with a Tint effect.

    5. Must have a lot of objects loaded (texture memory usage?)

    Yeah, I think I'm done looking at this.

  • Check your drivers......................................

  • Check your drivers......................................

    I am able to replicate this issue on both an AMD card and an Nvidia card, with drivers from this year. It's highly unlikely that this is a driver bug.

    I've created a new bug topic for this. If you want to share your experiences in it, please include your video card model and driver date, and make sure you try it in the 64-bit version (not the 32-bit version)

  • I know, but that's the answer we got here about a 99.9% reproductible bug (0.1% being Ashley) for which we provided a capx and informations. Turning off effect rendering does correct the bug for us, but still, we get the same answer: your drivers have a problem since a year (in a year I have changed my GPU twice already, always nVidia though)

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