[142] Anchor "Bottom" - bug

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  • Problem with Anchor "Bottom" on iPhone in 142 version.


    Here is how it should look (and looked in 139)


    Game starts in fullscreen and it looks like "BUG" when exported html5 website embedded style.

    It does fix itself when game is switched to windowed mode - everything gets possitioned correctly. Once game is switched back to fullscreen it gets cut off once again.

    Personally I think its a problem with calculation of screen height in fullscreen height on ios stock browser. Keep in mind I dont use "scrollTo" or try to position those ui sprites myself.

    It was reported to me that EVERY single screen that worked fine few hours ago, after Ive upgraded to 142 got broken IF element used "Bottom" anchor. Right, Left and Top seem to work as intended.

    Easiest way to check out yourself - make 2 images on the bottom of layout size so one have 10 pixels of spacing and is anchored to bottom, and another nearby but being anchored to top

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  • See how to report bugs please, and post some capx that would allow to investigate the issue.

    Also be aware the latest version is r143.

    Please try it and see if the issue is still there.

    ghost: what do you mean "sub" ?

    When you don't have anything relevant or meaningful to add to a topic, please just refrain from posting, thanks.

  • Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines. It would also be useful to narrow this down to the specific beta that caused the problem. Note we haven't changed the Anchor behavior for some time (not since way before r139).

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  • Okay basically neverwmind right now because:

    1. It started to happen in that game no matter what version I use

    2. I dont have time right now to write tests and upload .capx - there is no way I would upload fully done game publicly with sources. Thats why I provided pic.

    It probably might not even be bug, could be connected to specific resolution, scaling mode, anchor settings - truly, impossible to find out without good minimalistic test. Im aware of that :)

    I might get down to it in few weeks if it bothers me enough but more realistically I have in plans to make small utility to position items on screen as Anchor is lacking "center" behaviour.

    Thread can be pretty much closed right now or deleted.


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