NWJS Audio Memory Leak

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  • TetroniMike could you or anyone else who already reproduced this issue please give me the affected NW.js versions. Info about your OS would also be appreciated (e.g. Win7).

    I'll check out if something can be done directly using workarounds or report it to them if it's an internal NWjs issue. Please note that I'll only try to reproduce this potential memory leak using sounds that are included in the project, since Ashley already pointed out that playing external sounds as described isn't really supported.

  • Windows 8.1 Pro

    Construct 2 262 (64-bit)

    NWJS v0.32.0

    Chromium 68.0.3440.75

  • TheRealDannyyy, for me it's only Chrome version since 66, so NW.js since 0.30. Thank you for digging further and sorry for not being able to reproduce with a simple project. I tried many times to play lots of random sounds and check CPU usage but the problem only appears in my already big projects that worked fine before Chrome 66.

  • I've tried to reproduce this issue with the provided example in nw.js v0.30.0; nw.js v0.32.0; nw.js v0.33.3; nw.js v0.34.0 (beta) and could not reproduce.

    Here are my steps:

    1. Export project using NW.js
    2. Toggle Internal Sounds Playback
    3. Unload and preload multiple times
    4. Toggle Internal Sounds Playback (repeat with previous step)

    I also did some experiments myself to check if something goes wrong with memory management of audio files but I got no results with that either, everything works as intended with internal audio files.

    If anyone has a better, more compact example project for reproduction, I'd appreciate if you could share it here. If only bigger projects are affected, it might be worth sending them privately to Ashley so that he can look into it but I doubt that the size of a project has anything to do with this.

  • Hello,

    Time has passed since but I'm still stuck on this performance problem related to Chrome and NW.js. The only solution I have found is not playing any sound at all, or use an old version of NW.js.

    Ashley, can I send you one of my project privately for you to test it ? Do you know of other cases like this ?

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  • Ashley, sorry to re-use this topic but I still don't find any solution other that staying on chrome 66 (NW.js 0.29) to avoid a memory leak (on all my 4 big projects). By the way, if any other C2 user that encounter the problem can confirm it ? Or am I the only one left with the issue ? Thanks to all.

  • AFAICT the original report dealt with an unsupported case (using "play from URL" to play from local files, that only worked by accident). I haven't yet seen any evidence of issues using the officially supported method of playing from audio files imported to the project. Also from looking at this thread we are still missing a reliable way to investigate the issue as I described in my earlier posts, which is why there won't have been any progress on this.

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