Fullscreen Crop working in r262, but not r263/264/265.

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  • Problem Description


    In r262 and earlier, Crop mode behaves as expected, but from r263 and onward Crop mode behaves quite strangely in fullscreen, at least on my computer.

    It seems like in r262, "Centered" and "Crop" both act like a "Crop"; and in r263, "Centered" and "Crop" both act like a "Centered".

    (See below for screenshots of the effects described.)

    Details - r262 and before

    In r262 and earlier, the action Browser > "Request fullscreen - Stretch (crop)" mode did no scaling of the game visuals when the window size changed or went full screen. Instead the game visuals stayed at a fixed scale, and the changing size and shape of the window would simply reveal more or less of the layout.

    Also in r262, the action "Request fullscreen - Centered" seemed to produce exactly the same effect as the "Stretch (crop)" action. Though if I understand correctly this was not how "Centered" was intended to work.

    Details - r263 and after - (Where the possible bug began to appear)

    In r263 the fullscreen "Centered" mode was updated to behave as originally intended, such that the game would be rendered unstretched in an "Original Window" sized rectangular area in the center of the monitor, and the surrounding area would be filled solid black.

    However an unintentional change may have also occurred in r263, as now the action Browser > "Request fullscreen - Stretch (crop)" also started behaving like the newly updated "Centered" mode.

    So the "Stretch (crop)" action no longer fills the screen with the unstretched game, but instead restricts it to render only in an "Original Window" sized rectangle surrounded by solid black.

    Additionally, when in fullscreen Crop mode, the System object's WindowWidth and WindowHeight expressions return the width & height of only the "Original Window" sized rendered area.

    (Conversely, when in fullscreen Crop mode in r262, the WindowWidth and WindowHeight expressions would return the dimensions of the current screen resolution, as the game would fill the entire screen.)

    Attach a Capx


    Description of Capx

    This capx makes it easier to test out what I describe above.

    It demonstrates the Browser action "Request fullscreen - Stretch (crop)".



    Left Mouse = Fullscreen.

    Right Mouse = Exit Fullscreen.

    Middle Mouse = Exit Game.

    Arrows: Move player / camera.

    Images of the capx:

    r262 Windowed, just for reference:

    r262 Normal fullscreen Crop behavior:

    r263 Strange fullscreen Crop behavior:

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    Run the capx.

    Left click in the game.

    Observed Result

    r263 Strange fullscreen Crop behavior:

    (Note that the updated "Centered" mode in r263 looks identical to this new behavior.)

    Notice that the WindowWidth and WindowHeight readouts are showing the values of the default original window size.

    Expected Result

    r262 Normal fullscreen Crop behavior:

    (Note that in r262 "Centered" mode looks identical to this.)

    Affected Browsers

    • NW.js: YES
    • Chrome: YES
    • FireFox: YES
    • Opera: YES
    • Iron: YES
    • Internet Explorer: (Doesn't go fullscreen at all, probably because IE is IE.)

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Win7 x64 - Pro


    Construct 2 Version ID

    Release 265 (64-bit)

    Built at 17:20:47 on Oct 15 2018

    265 Release Notes

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