Close Browser works in RUN LAYOUT, but not in DEVLOG or PUBLISHED mode - help!

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  • I have published several games to steam with C2 and I am very happy with the program.

    However, for some unknown reason the CLOSE BROWSER function no longer actually closes the game. It worked perfectly fine in the latest version for my last game just a few weeks ago but nit does not work now.

    I tried everything, searched the forums but never got a proper answer. It works in RUN LAYOUT but as soon as I publish the game it no longer works. It also DOES NOT WORK when I try DEVLOG mode.

    I cant publish to steam like this, I need help! PLEASE!

    Here's what changed since my last game: I got a new SSD and re-installed a proper Windows version, licence and all. I did all system updates, I updated Java and everything is up to date. I know that this might well be a NW.js but but even if it is, I still need help to fix this. I can't ship a game you can't quit, obviously.

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  • Same problem here. It appears to have started in NWJS 0.47.0, I think, and the latest version 0.49.0 definitely has this issue as well.

  • Found a workaround!!! You can use the Browser plugin's Execute JavaScript action and "win.close()" instead of the Browser Close action :)

    I have yet to test this on Mac and Linux, I will see if the problem persists there and if the same solution works next week.

  • Thanks for the reply but this does NOT work for me. I already tried it, and just tried it again just to double check :(

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