Assertion failure and javascript error

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  • Problem Description

    Whenever i run a preview of my project i get the errors:

    Localhost5000: Assertion failure, product model unavailable

    stack trace


    at assert2

    at runtime.loadproject

    at XMLhttprequest

    Attach a Capx /open?id=1qFR dTmNliGdjxsYPZxd QPIFWpXl-_ U_A

    Description of Capx

    this project is a game i was working on for a friend, it consists of 3 layouts and event sheets with not too many commands

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    whenever i run a preview

    Observed Result

    pop down message stating the above errors and inability to run project preview

    Expected Result

    i want the preview to run

    Affected Browsers

      Chrome: (YES FireFox: (YES Internet Explorer: (YES Construct 2 Version ID version
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  • The newpiskel sprite on the Demo Layout is corrupt, but the project still loaded for me.

    So just add a new frame to the piskel sprite in the Image Editor, add any graphic, then delete the first corrupt frame.

    It all appears to work correctly afterwards.

  • Wow, thanks a lot, im really new to this and have no clue what im doing.


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