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  • Wasn't sure what to name the subject but I'm trying to create an ingame interface that can be summoned with right clicking, trouble is when a character scrolls the window it messes up the behaviour of the interface;

    Download here;


    Try right clicking somewhere before moving to see what it should do then move using the cursor keys (or WSAD) to the far right of the screen to see the issue, can anyone help?

  • Hi, I don't really see what the issue is, it seems to work fine for me? What issue exactly are you having?

    By the way, random aside from looking at your capx, you're testing whether the cursor sprite is over a button, but the cursor is so big it's very easy to click two buttons at once! Try testing the actual mouse cursor position rather than the image overlap, otherwise you'll have problems later

  • Ohhh now I see it! I get it now.

    Try using Mouse.AbsoluteX and Mouse.AbsoluteY to place your menu? Mouse.X and Mouse.Y get the coordinates of the mouse relative to the layout; AbsoluteX and AbsoluteY get the coordinates of the mouse relative to the actual canvas and isn't affected by scrolling. If that doesn't help you can try messing around with Mouse.X("layer"). I get the feeling the problem is something to do with the mouse coordinates and the zero parallax layer the menu is on.

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  • Ah thanks for the suggestion will try giving that go!

  • mikehive

    Ah you were right about the layer parallax having something to do with it acting odd, I was just trying to keep the pop up menu still while the canvas was scrolling.

    Also didn't have any luck with using AbsoluteX and Y, not really sure how to tackle this but thanks though!

  • Why not set the layer with the rightclick interface to the same parallax as the base layer? And just use normal mouse coord.

    Differend parallax on layers is great to create depth or to pin a hud. Neither is needed here.

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