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  • Hi I am making a game with a random function being called with a choose function I only want the item selected to occur once. I have made this happen by using a local variable 'used' so that once used it will not be selected a second time . However this is too slow because it is still in the choose list but just gets ignored. So I have stopped the annoyance of getting a repeat answer but sometimes the choose statement will select the item that has already been chosen and cycle thru the event which may take 10 seconds - users find this annoying to wait . Is there a way I can use a randon or choose function what will only find an object once and then exclude it from further calls to the function? I have searched the forum and read the documentation several times but not found an answer.

    Thanks Chris

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  • hi,

    If you could post a link to your game it would be helpful as i'm not sure what exactly you want.

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