Can I share common objects (weapons, etc) between layouts?

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  • I'm making a nonlinear game with a very Zelda-y perspective. There are a lot of different weapons, pets, etc that the player can acquire at various points in the game. There's no screen scrolling, and my current plan is to make each screen its own layout for both maximum modularity during the design and building process (for example, if I want to rearrange the map quickly, or pinpoint exactly where some Player-NPC interaction is breaking) and ease of multiplayer integration (nobody has to sync if they're not on the same layout).

    Whenever I look at proof of concept demos people upload for C2, the usual thing seems to be that various common assets (for example bullets, the sword that comes out when your player hits the 'attack' button, etc etc) are placed outside the visible portion of the layout.

    However, that would swiftly become a royal pain in the arse for a game like mine; if there are 30 weapons and 20 pets the player could potentially acquire at some point or another in the game, it would be extremely annoying to have 50 of those objects sitting outside of the viewable area of the layout on every single layout (not to mention that adding a new weapon then means then going back and copy-pasting that weapon into every single layout I've previously made). I assume there's a simple solution for this or something basic that I'm missing, but looking through the C2 manual I'm not immediately seeing it.

    Is there a way to set some objects as 'global' across all layouts? Thanks for any pointers you guys can provide!

  • When you set them as global in the properties dialog, they are global across all layouts.

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  • Ahh, knew I was missing something! Thanks.

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