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  • Hi all. I seem to have issues with toggling the disabled state of actions and events. I can see it's trying to be clever in how it enables/disables things, but at the moment I'm trying to re-enable a simple event (actually it's a sub event) and it just won't enable. Same with the condition on that event. This happens occasionally. Eventually it works somehow if I try often enough but I'm just wondering if there are known issues with this, or if it's just me.

  • Are you sure you did not disable a condition and then try to enable it by enabling the event , I have had this happen to me , you have to enable the condition while the event is enabled . Just a thought .

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  • Hi thanks for the response. No I wasn't doing that, but it seems the editor does remember which individual items/sub-items are enabled/disabled.

    For example if you disable the condition, then disable the entire event (from the far left margin) then re-enable the event, you still have to re-enable the condition (or something like that). I would've thought disabling the event would encompass the condition and action(s) and so override it.

    Which is kind of good... but I think it can get confused sometimes. Or then again it could be me that's getting confused

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